Tuesday, 28 January 2014

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Social fiction

Gold Coast
By Chelsea Volkar

I woke up with the sun shining into my eyes making the blue irises look like a shallow lagoon at mid day, I pulled my body off of the soft bed and stretched my sleepy muscles. I could hear my mother cooking crispy bacon downstairs, it was our first day in our new home in the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. I had never left my cold home in Canada but I was so pleased when my mother announced our moving plans, it was a chance to get a fresh start and meet tons of new and exciting people. I stepped gingerly down the oak stairs where I met my mothers happy grin at the bottom of the stairs she stood holding a plate of steaming hot eggs and three pieces of crispy bacon, the scent filled the home with warmth. " good morning mom, did you make those for me " I smiled as she passed me the plate I delicious looking food " yes, your favourite breakfast for my favourite girl " I sat down on the stair and began to eat my breakfast in peace until my phone buzzed to life, I was supposed to be at the beach to meet my school tour guide but all thanks to jet lag I was running thirty minutes late. His texts grew more and more agitated with every thirty minutes I went without replying.
" Ariana you were supposed to be here over two hours ago so I'm going to your house make sure you're decent " it was sent twelve minutes ago so that meant I had fifteen minutes to get dressed and ready before a strange boy beat down the door to drag me off to school. I ran up to my bedroom abandoning my breakfast food, I began to run a brush through my long blonde hair and brushed on a thin layer of mascara, just as the brush reached the tip of my lashes I heard a knock on the front door followed by my mothers sweet voice welcoming someone into our home. " Ariana come downstairs, your school tour guide is here "
I skipped down the stairs to come face to face with a handsome looking brown haired boy holding a school bag and two binders one of which he handed to me when I reached the bottom of the stairs
"Hello I'm Liam, your school tour. So your from Canada eh ?"
His joke didn't render any laughter from myself or my mother, he began to flush red and play with his binder a bit pulling out an excel document
" well um this is your schedule, we seem to have all the same classes so it'll be easy showing you around, also everyone is quite friendly here you'll have no problem fitting in"
It felt like a big weight had been lifted off my chest, I was always worried about being the new girl but with Liam I think everything would be just fine.

My first day of school was finally over and it was wonderful, I sat with Liam and his friends at lunch and I already had plans to go to the beach this weekend with Liam, he was going to teach me how to surf. I know I had just met Liam but he made me feel so happy and he was so handsome too. All of a sudden my phone buzzed an it was a text from Liam " hey Ariana, let's go to the school dance together next weekend are you down to be my date ?"
I replied with a yes, finally everything was falling into place.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

What now

What now:
this bucket list made me realize how many amazing things I wanted to complete before I die. There are tons of opportunities that lead to more amazing things. If you do one thing on your list you will feel like you've tackled something good, I think that completing this list will make a positive impact on my life giving me more and more opportunities to change myself and my future.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

bucket list

Bucket list:
1: move to Australia
2: share an apartment with someone I love
3: make homemade sushi
4: own a Serval
5: have a movie marathon all night
6: get the perfect boyfriend (completed)
7:donate money to the cancer foundation
8:score high on an exam
9: finally find inner peace
10:make homemade tea
11: learn how to meditate
12: get over 8k followers on tumblr (completed)
13: have a true friendship (completed)
14:make my family proud
15:meet someone who makes me truly happy (completed)
16:get a piece of my poetry published
17:make a massive blanket fort
18: string lights in my room (completed)
19:sleep in the back of a truck with blankets and pillows
20; grow my hair out
21:live simply
22: eat clean
23: get a job at a little coffee shop
24: spend a week at my cabin with jade
25: learn how to play the piano
26: paint one wall of my room chalkboard and draw all over it
27:go to a party in Australia
28: ride a huge rollercoaster
29: get a record player (completed)
30: collect all of the xx records (completed)
31: have over 4 thousands songs on my ipod classic
32: go for a run every day in the summer
33: find happiness in the little things in life
34: collect tons of kurt cobain merchandise
35: make my best friend realize that she has no flaws (:
36: convince my boyfriend to follow his dreams of being an author
37: stay up for 48 hours
38: get an iphone (completed)
39: collect phone cases
40: go on a road trip with jade
41: go to New York city
42: go to Venice
43: have a paint fight
44: paint my nails perfectly
45: go on a shopping spree
46; have tons of teas to choose from
47: make the perfect dinner
48: buy the perfect grad dress (completed)
49: go skiing

50: go to California

authors note

Authors note:

I hope to accomplish everything on my bucket list but there is one that is definitely number one. on my bucket list I show that I really want to move to Australia, I would love to do this because I have a family member living there and it is my ultimate dream to live where there is no blizzards and freezing cold weather, it will also leave a lasting impact on my life. I will accomplish this by getting a summer job and having enough money for a flight to go to my aunt’s in Gold Coast then I will get into university there and hopefully save up enough money to buy the most amazing apartment on Main Beach. Australia is the most amazing country and I can see myself being much happier there with the warm climate and the endless beaches rather than being stuck in the tundra. Another thing on my bucket list is getting a pet Serval they are a wild cat and they are only legal in Las Vegas and Australia, they grow to about eighty pounds and you must raise them as a kitten, they are very loving and protective of their family. These things mean a lot to me and if I crossed them off of my bucket list I would feel like I got a lot accomplished, this bucket list will leave a lasting impact on my life and I hope one day to cross every single thing off of my list.


Monday, 2 December 2013


 "but Alice, don't you remember how i had to follow that long and tedious yellow brick road? i didn't have the easy way out like a rabbit hole"
 Alice rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at me.

"Dorothy, you had numerous people help you follow that stupid yellow road. all i had was a piece of cake that made me grow and a drink that made me shrink, you had it easier than i did" Dorothy took a swig from her tea cup and continued to flail her arms around telling her side of the story

"Alice, you had it so easy. you ended up having a tea party while i tried to avoid the wicked witch"

" ok ok fine Dorothy only if you promise to stop arguing "